Julian Cesta


Areas of expertise

Civil Litigation
Commercial Property Law
Criminal Law
Family Law
Wills, Power of Attorney & Enduring Guardianship

Julian Cesta is a distinguished solicitor, holding admission to the Supreme Court and boasting an impressive educational background as an alumnus of the University of Wollongong. His legal acumen is evident in his early achievements, particularly in litigation, where he has excelled in handling both criminal and commercial cases.

With over 10 years experience and a specialised focus in Family Law, Julian provides invaluable guidance and his comprehensive expertise includes adeptly advising and preparing on property settlements and parenting arrangements, for both de facto and married couples, including binding financial agreements. Julian’s key focus is to engage in early dispute resolution in achieving successful outcomes for his clients, without necessarily resorting to Court proceedings.

Julian also provides effective succession and estate planning advice (Wills, Powers of Attorney and Guardianships) and can navigate clients through complex planning, succession, probate and disputed will matters.

What sets Julian apart is not only his dedication to his clients but also his remarkable ability to simplify complex legal concepts into easily understandable terms. Through clear communication, he ensures his clients fully grasp the intricacies of their situation and are well-prepared for any potential court proceedings. Julian’s ultimate objective is to instil confidence in his clients and to diligently pursue their desired outcomes, showcasing an unwavering commitment to their success.