Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery

Are you owed money that you would like to collect?

We understand the importance of having an efficient and effective means of collecting your debts. Our comprehensive debt recovery service enables a speedy and cost-effective result for you and your business.

CVC Law has recovered millions of dollars for hundreds of satisfied clients and can assist you with everything - from letters of demand to representation in court.

If debt recovery is a big issue for your business, it may be wise to review and amend your credit agreements and terms of trade. Our specialist team can do this for you and will save you money in the long run.

As part of our service we can:

  • Prepare a statement of claim

  • Enter judgement against the debtor

  • Seize your debtor’s goods and sell them at auction

  • Bankrupt your debtor

  • Wind up your debtor’s company

  • Force your debtor to attend a public examination of their assets and liabilities
  • Issue letters of demand

  • Garnish their wages and bank accounts

  • Register a caveat on the debtor's land

  • Sue for the debt.

Our experts will always work in your best interest. Where legal costs may outweigh the monies recovered, we will advise against legal action. Our practical and down-to-earth approach ensures that action is only taken when the potential rewards warrant it.

Whether it’s filing a claim in the Local Court, or entering into settlement negotiations, CVC Law offers a comprehensive and professional debt recovery service.

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Client Say

“ Hope this finds you and your family well mate, and all aspects of your business are doing well for you, I am sure it has turned out a great decision to set up on your own, something many people would not have had the confidence or self-belief to attempt, so well done Vic. My reason for writing also is to express my appreciation to you for providing such quality, capable and user friendly staff as you have with Sian. As with all our requests no matter how trivial, Sian is just so prompt with any information and such a pleasure to deal with, be it on the phone or e-mails, I am sure you would be the first to recognise the fabulous work ethic and professional approach Sian displays and the valuable asset she brings to your business. Thank you for all the great service you guys have provided for us over many years now.”
Di & Bill Morris, Client

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