Body Corporate and Community Management Law

Body Corporate and Community Management Law

Are you establishing or involved with a body corporate?

To operate effectively, your body corporate will require professional body corporate administration and management services. In addition, you will need clear and detailed advice on all the relevant legislation. At CVC Law we are well-versed in body corporate legislation and can help you understand the rights, powers and obligations of your body corporate.

We can offer your body corporate committee advice on everything from interpretation and enforcement of bylaws – such as parking; to mediation and litigation in case of levy arrears.

Our team always works in the best interests of our clients and will explore all avenues of mediation and conciliation before venturing down the legal route. Should legal action be deemed necessary, our experienced lawyers will present your case proficiently and effectively.

Through our involvement in management rights and strata developments, we have a level of expertise that can assist you with:-
  • Strata Titling and Body Corporate set up (including By-Law creation)
  • Body Corporate By-Law interpretation and enforcement
  • Management Rights issues (including sale and purchase) and Letting Agreements
  • Advice on strata management
  • Body Corporate disputes
  • Compliance and assistance with procedural aspects of the Body Corporate and Community Management Act
  • Debt recovery (levies, penalties, recovery costs)
  • Advice on interpretation of service contracts
  • Dispute resolution
  • Lot entitlements
  • Restructure of community titles schemes including extinguishment and amalgamation
  • Advice in relation to layered schemes
  • Advice in relation to construction issues including claims against builders and developers
  • Advice on insurance and liability of body corporates, committees and lot owners

CVC Law has many years experience in all areas relating to body corporate and strata management. Call us today 02 4226 4222 and make an appointment to discuss your particular requirements.

Client Say

“Thanks again to the CVC team, you really took care of us when it mattered most.”
Andrew Death, Client

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